Ilya Pharma AB

Developing the next-generation
biological drugs for treating wounds
in skin and mucosa

In press


  Ilya Pharmas CEO interviewed by the Naked Scientist for BBC Radio

Interview by Chris Smith, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire - Cutting-edge radio show that peers over the horizon at the science of tomorrow. Link : 15:25 - Wound-healing bacteria The interview took place at the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge event in Paris 15th of March where Ilya Pharma was selected Top 80 of companies in deep tech globally and also the winner of the wellbeing track, sponsored by Loreal.


Ilya Pharma

Ilya Pharma, an innovative Swedish pharmaceutical company, develops drug candidates for PoC in clinical phase I and II from its technology platform of lactic acid bacteria expressing different human therapeutic proteins.




Human therapeutic proteins are delivered on site in wounds by living lactic acid bacteria acting like small bioreactors. This is a very cost-effective way to deliver biological drugs.

We have a freeze-dried formulation with good stability. The lactic acid bacteria are revived immediately prior use by addition of a small volume of water.



The innovation stems from world-leading medical research in immunophysiology and microbiology at Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The treatments target the function of tissue-resident immune cells and the mechanism of accelerated healing is defined by us and published in high impact scientific journals.


Unmet clinical need

The unmet clinical need targeted by Ilya Pharma is healing both acute and chronic wounds,  especially problematic for people with diabetes. Indications in the gastrointestinal tract such as irritable bowel disease are also being explored.

There is much room for improvement in wound care and the innovative technology of Ilya Pharma offers a more efficient and very cost effective treatment compared to treatment with conventional biological drugs, expected to enter the wound care market.


Investor relations

Ilya Pharma is financed by a mix of research- and innovation grants and private funding. The company received a H2020 SME Instrument phase II grant 2018 of 3M Euro. Suitable investors and potential partners in the field of Pharma and biologics are invited to contact us.



Core team


Evelina Vågesjö, CEO

Co-founder, PhD in physiology. Developed methods to steer immune cell functions and delineated a new mechanism of action during in tissue regeneration. BSc in Management Accounting, MBA-studies focus Finance and MnA.  

Mia Phillipson, CSO

Co-founder, facilitator and Professor in Physiology at Uppsala University. Internationally recognized expert in physiology and immunology. Multiple discoveries in Professor Phillipson’s lab have led to clinical initiatives.

Peter Frank, COO

Background in the industry of > 15 years working with development of biologics. Previous recent positions were at GE Healthcare and Galderma as project manager project manager being responsible for CMC, taking a compound through the development and critical phases from clinical Phase I to Phase III and setting up manufacturing.

Ingemar Kihlström, Chairman of the Board

Extensive experience in finance and drug development at multiple firms including Astra Zeneca and Pharmacia. PhD in physiology/toxicology from Uppsala University. Experience from serving at the board of >30 companies often as chairman. Co-founder of life science companies and managed several licensing deals and IPOs in the industry. 




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Ilya Pharma AB, Uppsala, Sweden

Evelina Vågesjö, CEO
+46 (0)70 636 64 94