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Delivering local-acting immunotherapies to patients


Ilya Pharma, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical development company is currently pursuing three clinical programs with fully owned assets from its proprietary ILP-technology platform.

The research is inspired by the early work of Professor Ilya Mechnicov who also received the Nobel Prize in 1908, describing immune cells have multiple function in vivo, read more here.



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Drug Development

Well known, but biochemically unstable, human therapeutic proteins are produced locally exactly where they are needed by live lactic acid bacteria acting as local mini-bioreactors - this is on-the body manufacturing of therapeutics!

The modality is new and allows the use of a wide range of immune active proteins that are not suited to be developed as traditional biologics or gene therapy and in a very cost-efficient way.

The formal INN name for the lead asset is emilimogene sigulactibac, the working names are ILP100-Topical and ILP100-Oral and these are classified as ATMP and gene therapies by the EMA and FDA.

The innovation originally stems from cutting edge medical research in immunophysiology and applied microbiology at Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.


Clinical trials


SITU-SAFE (EudraCT No. 2019000680-24): A first-in-human RCT in 36 subjects have been successfully completed and reported. 

SITU-SURGERY: An IND for a pivotal adaptive phase 2 RCT treating surgical wounds have been granted and patients with pre-diabetes, diabetes and obesity having weeks to months longer healing time and increased complications, will be included. 

SITU-HEAL (EudraCT No. 2021-000563-69): A phase 2a RCT study in patients with diabetes and chronic wounds. The trial is grant funded by EIC Accelerator.


SITU-GUT: 58% of cancer patients receiving treatment witch checkpoint inhibitors (aPD1, aPDL1, aCTLA-4) develop colitis as an immune related adverse event (irAE). IND-enabling studies are completed, IND is being compiled and the clinical development program is validated with the FDA and the IND is now being prepared for ILP100-Oral to be evaluated as first-line-treatment for ICI-induced colitis. 



Collaborations and partners

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Ilya Pharma is financed by a mix of grants and private funding. The company is seeking relevant investors and potential partners with proven track record in cell- and gene therapy and therapeutics. 

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Being a privately held company information to shareholders are mainly shared through other channels. 


Board and Management

Evelina Vågesjö


Mia Phillipson


Peter Frank

Head of QA

Andreas Fasth

Head of Clinical Developments and Medical Affairs

Ninus Caram-Lelham

Head of CMC

Stefan Roos


Margareth Jorvid

Head of Regulatory Affairs

Patricia Grigoleit

Board Chair and Director

Laurent Audoly

Board Director



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