Dr Evelina Vagesjö will give clinical update at The European Chemokine and Cell Migration Conference (ECMC) 2023 August 21st, Leuven, BE

Evelina Vagesjö PhD MBA, CEO and cofounder will give a Keynote Presentation: Clinical trials with CXCL12 expressed from lactic acid bacteria.

Mia Phillipson, Professor, Co-founder will give a key note about her research covering immune cell functions and regulation on a range of conditions in homeostasis and disease. 


The European Chemokine and Cell Migration Conference (ECMC) 2023 will bring together scientists from around the world to discuss the most recent advances in the field. Invited speakers will present their latest research related to the many aspects of chemokines and cell migration that impact multicellular organisms throughout their lifespan. Chemokines are low molecular mass proteins, belonging to the cytokine superfamily. Originally chemokines were described as molecules regulating leukocyte trafficking throughout the body in both physiological and pathological conditions. However, chemokines also regulate a plethora of different homeostatic processes, such as the formation of tissues during morphogenesis, neovascularization, angiogenesis and adaptive immune responses. Remarkably, the dysregulated expression and activity of chemokines/chemokine receptors in immune cells has been implicated in various pathological conditions, including autoimmune, autoinflammatory and chronic diseases, microbial infections, and cancer. Thus, understanding the mechanisms by which chemokines act in modulating immunity and inflammation represents a mandatory step for translational aspects related to this family of mediators including new drugs targeting cancer metastasis, chronic infections and inflammatory diseases.

Link to full program: https://ecmc2023.org