Female entrepreneurs leading the way

Five promising entrepreneurs from the Nordic countries was selected to participate in a global conference "Female Entrepreneurs Leading the Way" in New York, between the 4th and 9th of March. An event with a global focus on the UN Development Goals towards 2030 and how to encourage more female entrepreneurship and financial inclusion of women and investments in women globally.

The Nordic model is widely discussed as one of the world's most inclusive and progressive in terms of gender equality. The Nordic model also supports gender equality in innovation and entrepreneurship. All participated companies were in a global expansion phase. The theme were entrepreneurship and investment in growth companies. The entrepreneurs pitched for a wide network of investors, influencers and media in New York. They are also trained in global growth, sales, marketing and branding.

"The event is completely in line with what is happening in Ilya Pharma right now and it feels great fun to be chosen among many good entrepreneurs in Sweden. I will introduce Ilya Pharma's innovative technology to heal wounds in a new way and how living organisms can be developed to become medical products. I also look forward to learning a lot from invited international lecturers, "says Evelina Vågesjö.

In addition to the specially selected Nordic entrepreneurs, other entrepreneurs, investors, experienced leaders, and members of the strong Nordic support system in New York are invited. The World Bank, the UN, SAP are partners and participants.