First RCT with ILP100 published in Lancet Discovery Sciences eClinicalMedicine

First Randomized controlled trial with ILP100 (INN emilommigene sigulactibact) published in The Lancet Discovery Sciences Journal eClinical Medicine 

The first drug candidate on ILP100 is a topical formulation of ILP100 with ongoing programs in medical aesthetics in prediabetic, diabetic and obese patients undergoing surgery - and in diabetic foot ulcers  

The second drug candidate on ILP100 is an Oral formulation being developed to treat immune checkpoint inhibitor induced colitis - affects 58% of patients  

The third drug candidate is... well lets see - the potential is practically limitless! But we have received grant funding for investigating a new engineered bacteria in for lung indications.

Link to publication: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/eclinm/article/PIIS2589-5370(23)00191-8/fulltext