Ilya Pharma gives an update at Pharmabiotics in Lille, France March 13-15

An Evolving Landscape for Microbiome-based Medicinal Products

The microbiome represents true promise in the treatment and prevention of disease – it has already transformed our understanding of what it means to be ‘human’, that ‘health’ is in fact a continuum, and that both are the ultimate result of a complex interaction between host and one’s microbiomes.

Developing new therapeutic and diagnostic technologies based on microbiome science presents great challenges, beginning as early as the lab all the way to validating clinical trials and commercialization: microbiome-based biomarkers and diagnostic tools, animal-free models and their validation, data, AI and machine learning, and the latest microbiome regulatory science updates in a shifting landscape to give you and your partners a better vision for your development choices.

Are you a part of this exciting and dynamic community? Join us in Lille in March 2024 to find out the latest in microbiome-based medicinal product research and development and engage with other innovators and stakeholders in the field.

Event is hosted by the Pharmabiotics Research Institute, PRI.