Ilya Pharma raises additional Euro 3 million to take novel ATMP through to Phase II for wound care

Ilya Pharma today announced that is has now raised an additional Euros 3 million in a new targeted share issue. The funds will facilitate continued growth and take the company through the first clinical study and planning of the upcoming Phase II study of its most promising drug candidate, ILP-100, for faster wound healing.

“We have been working hard on closing this issue during the summer and are delighted to have succeeded. There has been a lot of interest and we have achieved all of our goals – identifying and hiring consultants and key team members with vast knowledge and in-depth experience in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and life science, "says Evelina Vågesjö, CEO of ILYA Pharma.

Ilya Pharma has developed its own proprietary technology platform based on the use of living lactic acid bacteria. Wound healing in skin and mucosa are accelerated as human healing proteins are injected directly into the wounds. Large and chronic wounds are a huge problem all over the world, causing great pain for patients and costing huge amounts to treat. There is also a high risk of infection and overuse of antibiotics.

"Our goal is to accelerate the healing process by at least 80 percent, thus reducing patient suffering, significantly reducing costs and antibiotic use," continues Evelina Vågesjö.

Both the company and the pharmaceutical project have developed tremendously since the last issue and during the spring, the final safety studies were carried out and GMP production is now under way. In parallel, the company has been given the opportunity to further validate the manufacturing process on a large scale and build valuable industrial knowledge at GE Healthcare's newly-opened TestaCenter in Uppsala.

"This is a comparatively very well-funded project. Added to the Euros 3 million we already received from the EU Horizon 2020 project ( SME Instrument Phase II), the new funding provides a great opportunity to run the project along proper timescales and come through Phase I smoothly into Phase II. We always work in this goal-oriented way and I am very pleased with the new owners, especially that they recognise the true value of the project and want to contribute with their own expertise and networks. The journey continues and we now even more motivated to ensure that the product is of major clinical benefit to potential patients,’ concludes Vågesjö.

For more information, please contact:

Evelina Vågesjö, CEO ILYA Pharma

+46 (0) 70 636 64 94


Read more at www.ilyapharma.se

Ilya Pharma develops the next generation biologics to treat wounds in skin and mucosa. Their vision is to revolutionize the field of wound care by developing the next-generation biologicals, innovating well beyond protein- and antibody-based medicinal products. Ilya Pharma founded in 2016 is an innovative Swedish pharmaceutical company that develops drug candidates for PoC in clinical phase I and II from its technology platform of lactic acid bacteria expressing different human therapeutic proteins. It is a new and very cost-effective technology for local delivery of biological drugs. Human therapeutic proteins are delivered on site by living lactic acid bacteria acting like small bioreactors, for example in skin wounds or in the colon of the intestine.