Ilya Pharma receives funding by HORIZON Marie Sklodowska-Curie Doctoral Network B-ACTIVE

This project, funded by the MSCA-doctoral network program 101120187 "B-ACTIVE", and coordinated by KU Leuven, is a collaboration between the universities of Leuven, Copenhagen, Graz, Ljubljana, Uppsala and several industrial partners located in Copenhagen, Uppsala, Graz, Cambridge and Paris.

In the B-ACTIVE consortium, fundamental and clinical scientists and companies will study the impact of posttranslational modifications of chemokine ligands and receptors and train 10 doctoral candidates (DCs) to future experts in this domain with a translational and interdisciplinary mindset. The DCs will characterize interactions between chemokine ligands, receptors and glycosaminoglycans, study signaling pathways and recognize their importance in inflammatory reactions. B-ACTIVE thus provides training in the complexity of inflammatory responses from basic science to clinical applications and industrial development.

B-ACTIVE webpage: https://b-active-dn.eu/?page_id=307