Ilya Pharma selected to present at BioFuture 4-8 October in NYC at Cure in the session of "Breakthrough Therapies: Brought to you by Game Changing Technologies!"

Link to conference:https://biofuture.com/about-the-event/

Cell- and gene therapies:
"The past few years has witnessed a quantum leap forward in this field and opportunities for disease treatment. Regenerative medicine is advancing with the convergence of different disciplines, from physics to 3D architecture, and the power of machine learning tools. Learn how new startups are transforming the development, manufacture and clinical introduction of these different therapies as both off the shelf and personalized medicine, pioneering a previously inconsistent hand-crafted endeavor to a scalable, efficient, closed-loop, modern process".

Breakthrough Therapies:
"The confluence and integration of new and evolving technologies including Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and wearable sensors are leading to a new paradigm treating, and even curing, intractable diseases and conditions. We are on the cusp of a game changing, and transformative era in healthcare. In fact, today, we are seeing combination therapies involving drugs and devices, as well as FDA approved gaming devices to treat other conditions. This game changing era is underway."