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  Science of the MOA and benefits of CXCL12 to accelerate healing highlighted in Nature Cardiology Reviews

The scientific findings of macrophages regulating blood flow in injured tissue and how CXCL12 is therapeutically facilitating this mechanism of action accelerating healing is highlighted by Nature Cardiology Reviews. Original article: Vågesjö, E. et al. Perivascular macrophages regulate blood flow following tissue damage. Circ. Res. (2021)


  Evelina Vågesjö CEO of Ilya Pharma included in the 2021 Power List in Advanced therapies by the Medicine Maker

Our CEO Evelina Vågesjö is listed for Advanced therapies by the TheMedicineMaker together with the former Head och Cell- and Genetherapies at Novartis bringing the first CAR T cell therapy to market and the recent Nobel Laureates and users of the CRISPER technology. The ILP-drug candidates and the lead candidate ILP100 developed in Topical and Oral formulations is indeed advanced therapy, it is a next generation immunotherapy and are developed to treat wounds in skin and mucosa.