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  Our research applauded in Cell Host and Microbe

”Time heals all wounds...... but wounds heal faster with Lactobacillus” is the title of a commentary to our preclinical results (Vågesjö et al. 2018 PNAS) published by the very prestigious journal Cell-Host and Microbe. The authors summarizes our demonstration of a feasible and translatable therapeutic approach acceleration of wound healing with topical application of CXCL12-producing Lactobacilli and applauds the approach and the first steps in the drug development program. Chronic non-healing wounds represent a significant clinical problem and cost the healthcare system $19 billion annually. Our developed drug candidate being an advanced therapeutic medicinal product, is in the article referred to as a ”promising technology for the unsolved problem of delayed cutaneous wound healing”.


  CEO Evelina Vågesjö gives a presentation and an interview at NGM

Watch Evelina presenting ILYA Pharma´s core invention, how it is used to accelerate wound healing and the development plan the next year. Ilya Pharma is developing the next generation live biotherapeutical products for treatment of different skin wounds and also indications in the gastrointestinal tract.